Imagem meramente ilustrativa. Proporcionalmente a UCEC é ainda menor
Image for illustrative purposes only. Proportionally the UCEC is even smaller

Compared to a wind turbine with a diameter of 180 meters (590.55 feet) and a power of 4.2MW, a UCEC with a diameter of 3 meters (9.84 feet), that is, 60 times smaller, has the capacity to produce 4.25 MW with an average current speed of 1.77 knots, quite common in all the world’s oceans, although this speed is greatly exceeded in certain places.

If we compare the sweep areas of the turbines with these dimensions, we will see that the wind turbine occupies 3600 times more area than a UCEC, and so the comparison in efficiency is even more favorable to our technology.

But nothing prevents the technologies from working together, sharing the transmission infrastructure.

Simulate the mechanical potential of a UCEC under specific conditions by accessing the INNOVATION – Simulator menu.