It’s time and this is the place

The TIDALWATT company is a startup, the seed of a promising industry, manufacturer of turbines with exclusive technology to capture the clean, renewable, predictable and safe energy of the oceans.

With large industrial facilities, it will directly employ hundreds of professionals specialized in the manufacture of turbines, assembly, installation of underwater generating plants, equipment trade and energy trade.

It will create thousands of indirect jobs in the areas of civil construction, shipbuilding, metallurgy and all the services necessary for the implementation of the transmission and distribution infrastructure of this new energy.

In addition to the unmistakable reducing carbon emissions benefits, this industry will promote the development of other industrial sectors with an abundant supply of cheap and electric energy, such as the development of new storage technologies and new electric machines that should do all the heavy lifting, allowing populations more time for intellectual and creative activities.

The supply of energy will be so abundant that it will drastically reduce the cost of desalination plants and water pumping, and may bring to the arid regions the drinking water that is so necessary for the development of different soil cultures and food production.

Ocean energy is not just the key to the transition to a low carbon economy. It is also the key to the transition to the new dawn of humanity, when the free benefits of the great engineering of Nature on this planet will be accessible to everyone.