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american Magazine Real Leaders 11/10/2002

3 Mind-Blowing Innovations that Could Power the World

According to the magazine, our technology is one of these 3 innovations.

The future is arriving sooner than you think. These three emerging technologies could change the way we live and travel and help us avert a climate disaster by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

3. The Ocean as a Renewable Energy Source

Brazilian company TidalWatt has created a new generation of underwater turbines that makes free energy from the movement of the ocean — an impressive 60 times more powerful than a wind turbine. These giant, submerged, and ecologically safe power plants are positioned in previously neglected regions and take advantage of powerful ocean currents — instead of tidal flows that typically move water back and forth in a less forceful way. Natural energy generation doesn’t stop and flows continuously, 24 hours a day. In addition to being utterly harmless to marine life, the massive underwater structures make trawling unfeasible and create ecological sanctuaries, favoring the emergence of artificial reefs. “The world’s oceans are a vast source of renewable energy that is always more predictable than wind and solar energy,” says TidalWatt founder Mauricio Otaviano de Queiroz. “I regard the ocean as an immense gold mine, the wealth of which is much more important for the good of humankind than valuable metal. It’s time we stopped despising this ocean wealth because the technology to exploit it cleanly, responsibly, and efficiently is now here.”

The other technologies mentioned in the article are:


Roads that Charge Electric Cars as They Drive.


Making 100% Carbon-Neutral Jet Fuel from Sunlight and Air

TIDALWATT on the city’s official website

Since TIDALWATT installed itself in the Technological Park of the city of Baixada Santista, it has been on the news website.

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