A scientific view

By diving deep into the fish world, we confirm the wondrous energy previously identified. But we discoverd a quality in currents that can allow us to capture the energy of a gigantic area in one place!

An invention patent – Green technology

For the innovation of a concept, an invention! The technology created to collect the enormous amount of energy available in a vast expanse of sea has already been granted a green patent by one of the official industrial property bodies in the world: INPI, in Brazil.

Registered with the National Institute of Industrial Property – INPI, under the number BR 10 2020 007224-2 B1, approvend and published in the World Intellectual Property Organization – WIPO under the number   WO2021 / 203183, the Current Energy Collecting Unit is an invention that breaks all paradigms of the concept based on wind turbine technology, frankly incompatible with the gigantic energy that flows in ocean currents. It’s a new concept!

Considered by these two bodies as an Environmentally Sound Technology, it becomes one of the solutions for the urgent carbon-free energy transition.

Our work, therefore, is a climate action, joining efforts to reduce global warming.